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an open laptop computer sitting on top of a bed next to a bowl of food
xoxo, gossip girl 💋
#gossipgirl #xoxo #aesthetic #blairwaldorf #cookies #bed
fireworks are lit up in the night sky
#4thofjuly #party #night #nightlife
a black cat laying on top of a bed next to a white wall and lamp
Cat person
an abstract painting on display in a white room
Artwork @ moco museum - Barcelona
a black and white photo with the quote art is about changing what we see in our everyday lives and representing it in such a way that it gives us hope
#art #artist #quotes
several bouquets of flowers sitting on top of each other next to a sign with the number twenty six
Dried flowers bouquets
an open book with the words oscar wilde on it
Oscar Wilde quote
#citation #quotes
the sidewalk is lined with tables and books
Old books in Paris
the sun shines through the leaves and branches of an apple tree in a garden
Berries in summer aesthetic
#coquette #cute
the shelves are full of various records and cds, all in different styles and colors
CDs 💿💋
some very tall trees in the middle of a forest
a bunch of flowers are for sale at a flower shop with price tags on them
Flowers 💐🎀👛
two binoculars sitting on top of a white table
I ❤️ biology