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a quilted blanket sitting on top of a window sill
Pinwheel baby quilt all washed and finished!
a quilt is laying on the floor next to a table top with a teddy bear
Sandy’s grand baby’s quilt! — Quilting It LLC
a white chair with a quilt on it
Quilting in the Rain
three pieces of fabric stacked on top of each other in pink and white flowers,
Start A Fire
Are you new to machine quilting? You may have made tied quilts for a while and now want to explore machine quilting. I’ve seen a lot of advice given for how to machine quilt but I think mos…
the cover of a book with an image of a quilt on it
a pile of pink and white rag rugs on the floor in a living room
DIY Rag Rug by Gemma Cooper
Beautiful rag rug made with old bedding. You could use fabric from so many different sources to make a carpet like this.
a pink and white blanket sitting on top of a bed next to a vase with flowers
How To Make Baby Rag Blanket - Video | The WHOot
Baby Rag Quilt, how to make the rag quilt
a colorful quilt is laying on the ground
Scrappy Lattice Quilt Pattern - Alternate Colours
Scrappy Lattice Quilt Pattern - Alternate Colours
a baby quilt is shown with the instructions for it to be made in different colors
Lattice Baby Quilt Tutorial | Quilting Tutorials | Diary of a Quilter
Lattice Baby Quilt Tutorial
a woman is holding up a quilt made from squares and strips with an umbrella over her head
Poco Loco
Sew Preeti Quilts: Poco Loco