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Handmade custom Alcohol Dispenser. Perfect for parties and social gatherings.
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Luxury. Gills gold, gold dust and marble are my inspiration for this manicure.
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It is so sad to read everyday titles of unrest in the world and so many people forget about the importance of feelings such as love, peace, faithfulness. Use your nails to send a message of love, love is always in, and it should be spread as a contagion. Only in this way will our world be more beautiful place to live. Beautiful message on a white background. White reminds me on peace and tranquility …
I love stiletto nails but I'd be afraid that I'd like kill somebody or something!
“Sweater nails featuring @shoplvx "Bordeaux" inspired by @nailartbyjen love love love these☺️ I used a reindeer stencil from @whatsupnails to complete…”
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