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AW burgundy cardigan and slip dress with leather boots // boots hippie bag boho hipster casual soft grunge cardigan boho chic softgrunge bohemian chic little black dress loose dress chiffon dress chiffon ankle boots loose cardigan purse burgundy sweater


Ingrid Nilsen//role model This girl is everything to look for in not only a fashion icon but role model. Sweet and sophisticated style with motivation and modesty and inspiration.

Distressed denim + structured bag.

This is a great casual but comfortable outfit. The yummy cardigan and ripped jeans are made into an outfit because of the simple yet dressy shirt and bag. This is from Daily New Fashion : Best Street Fashion Inspiration And Looks

Christmas eve..Comfy Winter Sweater. i really actually have been wanteing a new sweatshirt and this look so cute i want

Love this sweater! Comes in a gray color that is awesome! Would wear this starting in October or as soon as it gets cold haha Christmas eve.Comfy Winter Sweater I would wear it all winter!