Solar system co-op class

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a close up of a tie with the words how to make galaxy slime
How to Make Galaxy Slime | Woo! Jr. Kids Activities : Children's Publishing
How to Make Galaxy Slime
a paper plate and scissors on a wooden table
Sun, Earth, Moon Model Craft
I thought this was such a neat idea. It simply and clearly shows you how the Earth goes around the Sun and the Moon goes ar...
a hand holding a paper plate with a sun and moon decoration on top of it
FREEBIE: Create your own model to show how the Earth orbits the Sun while the moon travels around the Earth
two paper plates with the words constellations wheel on them and one has stars painted on it
Space Do A Dot Printables
printable space mazes for kids to color and practice their handwriting on the surface
These Free Printable Mazes for Kids Are Out of This World