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Skirting Alpaca Fiber (table for processing)


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Create a weighing pen to make weighing easier. A weighing pen can be made using a 4’x5’ panel parallel to a wall with a gate on both ends. Pictured are both a mesh and bar weighing pen using 2 – 3’ gates. We create a funnel or chute to herd a group of alpacas to be weighed into the Weighing Pen, letting them in one at a time onto the scale. After weighing, the alpaca is released out the other end. This is all done with out the time and hassle to halter the alpaca, then trying to get them to ...
Alpaca Fence Construction
Standard Alpaca Easy-Pen


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Dog playpen brooder for baby chicks.
Egg Handling Instruction Stickers Fresh Egg Care Coop | Etsy


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Another great scratching post!


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A great resource to help you give vaccines or injections to your livestock, whether it’s for a commercial cattle operation or a single dose to a dog, cat, or horse, you’ll learn something.
Veterinary surgeon Nicola Walsh MVB has excellent advice for owners when dealing with wounds
Aside from long ears, donkeys differ in many ways from horses, including the health conditions they encounter.


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an info sheet describing the different types of aircrafts
Cloake Board Method
an image of a yellow box with instructions on how to put it in the mailbox
The Internet of Bees: Adding Sensors to Monitor Hive Health | Make:
the inside of a wooden cabinet with metal bars on each side and holes in the door
medium frame slovenian hive – Google leit
an infrared image of a box in the middle of some grass and dirt with lights on it
Thermal images of winter bees
three different pictures of bees painted on canvases with flowers and butterflies in them, one is
Painted Bee Hives
We wanted to give our ladies pretty homes this year!
a man is pushing a dolly with red wheels
D400 Kipp Zargenheber, Beutenheber, Zargenlifter, Beehive lifter
a beehive with the words how to use a windbreak in front of it
How to Use a Beehive Windbreak
two people standing next to each other holding a beehive in their hands and looking at the camera
several beehives are lined up on the outside of a wooden building with a green roof
an outhouse made from wooden pallets sitting in the grass next to some bushes
OPTIMAL BEES, Beste Bienen Beute, Klima Beute, Schilf Stroh Beute, Perma Beute, Imkerbedarf, artgerecht imkern, Bio Honig, Shop
A140B • OPTIMAL Klima Modul Lilleslot - mit 2 Schubladen-Magazinen im Korpus und Klima-Holz-Satteldach - Bausatz
an open wooden box sitting on top of a piece of plywood wood in a workshop
Building My Slovenian Hive Introduction — My Slovenian Hive
Building My Slovenian Hive Introduction — My Slovenian Hive