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A Web Site Designed Infographic Timeline: Web design planning, including milestones, involvement, importance & timeline between both agency and clients

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Chances are you think you’re a good listener.  People’s appraisal of their listening ability is much like their assessment of their driving skills, in that the great bulk of adults think they’re above average. The latest article on HBR use evidence to shows that a good listener doesn’t just remain silence when other people are speaking. Check out what does the author discover:  You are most welcome to take an online course on

The 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) survey reported a startlingly low entrepreneurial activity in the face of high unemployment rate.

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Registration system enables them to manage the users.  Registration and login system has been proved to be really effective for managers to reach to their users, thus a great amount of users’ insights can be gained.  If you are a boss of a medium size company a teacher, or even an owner of a restaurant, you can try building your own system. It is not difficult at all! You can even claim your SkillsFuture credit after buying the course!

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Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do, writes Matt Haughey, even if you think you don’t have time

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Why you should worry about your future medical career right now, and what recourses can help you find a job if you are a med student in the UK or the US. Volunteering, part-timing, freelancing - it's up to you to decide.

Have you ever gotten angry at your workplace and said something that you end up regretting later? How do you avoid misunderstandings when faced with stress? Emotions are something everyone has and sometimes stress can bring out the worse in us. Check out the latest article in the Harvard Business Review on how to deal with your emotions. And you can also take it a step further and start an online course on on "How to Communicate Effectively".

Hollywood actress Tippi Hedren has admitted the family 'should never have taken those risks' in allowing nine-foot long lion Neil share their home after intimate images are revealed.