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a man and his dog are flying kites in the sky over a rainbow - colored field
How are rainbows formed?
How are rainbows formed? - Met Office
a poster with instructions on newton's laws
an exercise sheet with words and pictures on it, including the word force written in black
an image of the sky with different colors and directions to describe what is in it
Why is the Sky Blue ?
the different types of metals reactivity series
Reactivity Series of Metals and Nonmetals » Selftution
Reactivity Series of Metals and Nonmetals » Selftution
worksheet for balancing acids and bases in the water cycle, with answers
Introduction to Acids and Bases -- Worksheet and Note Set
Teach your students about acids and bases using this great, detailed set of worksheets! This worksheet set guides students through the following topics: definition of acids and bases, ions released when acids and bases are dissolved in water, qualities and characteristics of acids and bases, naming acids and bases, and writing chemical formulas for acids and bases. This set includes four (4) pages of worksheets/notes and a full ANSWER KEY.