The perfect coat for early Autumn!

Just a collection of sexy girls wearing sexy heels, plus some hidden pics snapped at random girls wearing heels on the street

Smart casual look for Spring

Looking back at these photos makes me wonder how can the weather change so rapidly from sunny Spring to rainy Autumn.

A casual romantic Summer

A casual romantic Summer

Embellished casual look

Yesterday we had such a warm sunny day, as you can clearly see from these pictures, and now it's all gloomy and depressing. So glad .

Winter is all about dark colors and chic styles!

It's been too long since I posted an outfit post, I missed those days when I had free time and lots of new clothes to play around with.

Fluffy white coats for a freezing white Winter!

Fluffy white coats for a freezing white Winter!

Everlasting love for vintage and velvet!

Everlasting love for velvet, vintage and bygone times