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Finally ending my very long day😴 Lookout for my next update tomorrow morning!


Hey everyone, I am Juliet the rogue angel. My kind put me in here to hopefully out grow the opinions I have evidently.


Photo taken while recording in New Jersey! Thank you for snapping some photos of me in the studio!

Juliet Simms Is AMAZING! Down To Earth and What A Voice!

Im Juliet Im a singer and i do have a reckless weird family im not a rich little snob like most girls or a door mat but i am weird and a loner at times.

Juliet Simms...badass chick! Great voice!

Check out her features in All Time Low's "Remembering Sunday" and Secondhand Serenade's "Hear Me Now" or anything by her band, Automatic Loveletter.

Juliet Simms is drop-dead gorgeous!

Juliet Simms is amazing with accessories! Or anytime!

Juliet Simms didn't don black wings on Tuesday, but advanced anyway on The Voice.

Voters, judges make the right choices on The Voice