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a wooden dresser sitting in the corner of a room with a painting on top of it
Bel Air Residence — Elizabeth Law Design
Bel Air Residence — Elizabeth Law Design
an art installation made out of black plastic crates and wheels in front of large windows
A Childhood Toy Inspired Cabinet by Shigeki Yamamoto
"Playful" Cabinet _SHIGEKI YAMAMOTO
a wooden cabinet with glass top and metal legs on concrete floor next to white wall
Dressoirkast NOOT II -
Dressoirkast NOOT II -
the shelves are lined up against the wall with various items on them, including cups and spoons
vases and other decorative items are on display
Poggenpohl German Kitchens — German Kitchens Limited
there are many shelves with different items on them
a black chair sitting next to a desk in a room
a room with a shelf, mirror and other items on the wall next to it
a vase with flowers on top of a dresser next to a mirror and stool in a room
SoHo Penthouse by Jesse Parris-Lamb | 1stDibs