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Plate Pavilion at The Malta Design Week

Plate Pavilion by Irina Miodragovic Vella (University of Malta), Steve DeMicoli (DeMicoli & Associates, and Toni Kontik (ETH Zurich) @ the Malta Design Week 2014

shigeru ban

Meet the extraordinary man who has been called "the architect of the people" and the first man to use paper as a building structure material, Shigeru Ban. He is the founder of Voluntary Architects' Network (VAN).

tree inspired centers - Google Search

Credit Valley Hospital’s Carlo Fidani Peel Regional Cancer Center, in Mississauga, Ontario

Cortavientos , barandilla pies inox

I need to have a glass fence like this for my pool. I don't want my children to fall in. That would be the worst thing in my life. I am just glad that we have been careful with him so far.