Livia Coloji

Livia Coloji
Romanian illustrator inspired by nature, folk and the kookiness of the world 🌈 💎 shop my products on 💎
Livia Coloji
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Johann Esper, Madrepora pistillata, 1791

Antique prints of Madrepora pistillata Coral from Johann Esper Coral Prints 1791

A Pictorial Atlas of Fossil Remains (1850), with descriptions by Gideon Mantell

Image from page 173 of "A pictorial atlas of fossil remains, consisting of coloured illustrations selected from Parkinson's "Organic remains of a former world," and Artis's "Antediluvian phytology.

Johann Esper, Madrepora elephantotus, 1791

repora elephantotus Coral from Antique Coral Prints from Esper 1791

Johann Esper, Spongia infundibuliformis & crateriformis Coral, 1791

Antique prints of Spongia infundibuliformis & crateriformis Coral from Johann Esper Coral Prints 1791

plates - Manuel d'actinologie ou de zoophytologie / - Biodiversity Heritage Library

The Biodiversity Heritage Library works collaboratively to make biodiversity literature openly available to the world as part of a global biodiversity community.

Johann Esper Coral Prints 1791

Antique prints from Johann Esper Coral Prints 1791