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the light fixture is hanging from the ceiling above the stairs in this hallway with striped walls and wood flooring
Balustrady drewniane z elementami metalowymi - Stolarnia woma
the stairs are made out of wood and have black slats on each one side
Soft-Firm, US: Wallpaper* Architects’ Directory 2022
The thick stair treads are constructed of the same rich material, linking the house with its natural surroundings
a dining room table with chairs and a wooden stair case next to it on a hard wood floor
Schody Katowice | BRODA
an old white building with black iron awnings
Những Mẫu Mái Kính Cường Lực Đẹp Nhất - Thi Công Cửa Cổng Sắt, Cửa Inox, Lan Can Cầu Thang, Mái Tôn Mái Kinh - Cơ Khí Đức Lượng
a stone building with a wooden door and two lights hanging from it's side
Marquise, en, fer, forgé, marquise, en, bois, marquise, en, acier, Fabricant, marquise, auvent, en, fer, forgé, promotion, marquise, abris, de, porte, pas, cher
a house that has some steps in front of it and plants on the ground outside
a house with a fence in front of it and grass on the ground next to it
Peinture à l'éponge : maîtriser cette technique pour dynamiser l'intérieur