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Fluffy Pancakes Recipe by Tasty
Fluffy Pancakes // #pancakes #breakfast
two men in suits and one has a rainbow on the ground with text that reads if you
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If you're using the bible to hurt other people, you're using it wrong. "Love does no harm to its neighbor, therefore love is the fulfillment of the law." Romans 13:10 | Of course "the faithful" are lead around by that ring in their nose and most don't have a clue what's in their holy book.
an image of some type of text that is in black and white, with the words on
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Honesty tho ppl always say mean things about being "gay" like its an insult , lets change that
the tweet is posted to someone on their facebook page, and it looks like they
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HehhehehHEHEEHEhe... *sheds a tear* funny..... Wardrobes, Equal Rights, Parents, England, Dating Romance, Friends Family, Family Members, Bisexual Quote
HehhehehHEHEEHEhe... *sheds a tear* funny.....
Minority Monsters - Mx Alex the Genderfluid Pheonix By Tab Kimpton Saga, Comic Strips, Genderqueer, Webcomic, Cute Comics
Mx Alex the Genderfluid Pheonix
Minority Monsters - Mx Alex the Genderfluid Pheonix By Tab Kimpton
four different types of water lilies floating on top of each other Books For Women: Books
the comic strip shows an eagle flying through the sky with another bird in it's mouth
a comic strip with an image of a cartoon character in the middle and bottom panel
Minority Monsters
Minority Monsters - They didn't know who they were until they found themselves.
comic strip with two men holding pink boxes and one is saying what are your gender?
Agender: A Brief Overview
Inspiration Inspirational Quotes, Motivation, Sayings, Words Of Wisdom, It Gets Better
two women with headscarves and one wearing a hijab is shown in three different pictures
four different types of muslim women on facebook, with the caption's above them
Home - Baltimore Life Magazine
This is good information. And although I highly respect the women, I don't really respect any culture that makes women cover up their bodies to hide them. Just my opinion. But of course I will always be respectful enough to call the garments by their correct word and never disrespect any of these women.