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Some simple, some not so much, activities I can use with kids, OT or just for fun.
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a glass dome filled with lots of plants and stuffed animals on top of it's sides
My birthday present my mom made me
mending moth holes with moths, a short tutorial
mending moth holes with moths, a short tutorial | pretty knitty stuff | Sewing hacks ...
10 Easy Kids Craft ldeas
Paper Umbrellas Handicraft Video Tutorial
Paper umbrellas handicraft video tutorial, Origami is an art activity that folds paper into various shapes and can make a variety of things. Let's look at how to make a shrinkable mini umbrella with origami. #paper #handicraft #umbrellas #video
Origami Cute Shoes✰A Fashion Star✰#DIY
Zapatos taco subenirs
Paper Craft Ideas
Folding Mini Cute Wallet, Backpack ,Umbrella and Tissues Box
Flor de papel passo passo. Ideias criativas
Aprenda a fazer lindas peças decorativas passo a passo
Best Ideas Paper Craft 🎁💟✂
Best Ideas Paper Craft 🎁💟✂
Attractive craft ideas for kids
two wooden carvings with birds on them and one is made out of driftwood, the other has carved wood
Driftwood art: идеи декора для влюбленных в море: Идеи и вдохновение в журнале Ярмарки Мастеров
Пустынный берег моря. Шум накатывающих на берег волн, крики чаек. Ветер треплет волосы и заставляет прищуривать глаза. Неповторимые запахи соли, водорослей и еще чего-то неуловимого... Берег кажется нескончаемым, и ты идешь, идешь, идешь... вдыхая ароматы моря и почти забывая кто ты, чувствуя себя лишь счастливой частицей мироздания. Наслаждаясь свободой и убаюкивающим шумом прибоя.
two leaf shaped leaves next to a cup of coffee and a pen on a white surface
This Artist Uses Leftover Coffee Grounds to Create Stunning Fairytale Leaf Illustrations
This artist uses leftover coffee ground to create intricate illustrations on leaves.
a person is using a drill to cut out the design on a wooden plate with scissors
21 Weird Things To Do With A Dremel Tool! …