With the right people and a little effort, we could have the internet we always wanted.

This free online encyclopedia has achieved what Wikipedia can only dream of

It's pretty tempting to read within Marcos Saboya and Gualter Pupo's "aMAZEme", a labyrinthine maze constructed of some used and new books.

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Drawing on citation data that spans disciplines and time periods, Elliott Green has identified the most cited publications in the social sciences. Here he shares his findings on the 25 most cited b…

It's time for academics to take back control of research journals | Higher Education Network | The Guardian

It's time for academics to take back control of research journals

The automated university: bots and drones amid the dreaming spires

During my studies, I was always frustrated by the pay-walls standing between my assignments and the references I needed to access. Alexandra Elbakyan is trying to solve this problem. This 27-year-old woman had the skills (and guts) to create Sci-Hub, the ‘Napster of scientific publication’. ...

Dealing with science pay-walls often involves grey-areas. Alexandra Elbakyan had the skills (and guts) to take it one step further - and created SciHub.

Mircea Dumitru, rectorul Universitatii Bucuresti, denunta modul in care Ministerul Cercetarii a schimbat componenta consiliilor consultative care guverneaza domeniul cercetarii si anunta ca e

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