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a close up of a pumpkin decoration on a white surface
two white towels with red and green pennants hanging from them on a wooden surface
Festa junina | Pano de Prato Junino | Inspiração Costura com Retalhos
Precisando de inspiração para decorar sua cozinha para a festa junina. Olha que criativo este pano de prato com barrado e bandeirinhas usando retalhos de tecidos. #costuracriativa #festajunina #vivasaojoao #Panodepratocombarrado #arraia
three different pictures showing the steps to make a table runner with plates and bowls on it
four circles with the center cut out to form an eight - petal flower on top
Nick and Norah Paper Flower CD Case
two towels and three pieces of fruit in front of a pink wallpapered background
Bate mão com molde e passo a passo
an embroidered tea towel hanging on the side of a blue wooden door with red flowers
a drawing of a cat with a bird on it's head and the words hat made by zilu and co written in curs
Cat and bird
Molde, Felt Crafts, Handmade, Applique Patterns
an apple is cut out to look like it has raindrops on the outside
fresa patchcolagem
a drawing of two chili peppers on a white paper with the words, how do you cut them?