save-or-toss makeup expiration dates. i definitely don't agree with the eyeshadow/powder timeline, but please pay attention for anything with a cream consistency and anything you apply with your hands!

Save or Toss: Makeup Expiration Dates, Defined & Explained - know your beauty tips

Tutorial: Beautiful Smokey Eye Makeup - Want to do it yourself? Click on the image for the Tutorial!

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Are you making these major makeup mistakes?

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12 Easy Prom Makeup Ideas For Green Eyes

Step By Step Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial makeup eye shadow how to diy makeup eye makeup eye liner makeup tutorials makeup tutorial eye makeup tutorials smokey eye

Fill in those brows!! It will totally transform your face for the better! know how to do it right

Senna Form-A-Brow Kit

Fill in those brows! It will totally transform your face for the better! know how to do it right Fill in those brows! It will totally transform your face for…

30 makeup mistakes you're making

30 Makeup Mistakes You're Probably Making

30 makeup mistakes you're making. SO true ladies! Step up your makeup game!

love great contouring :) and Im so pleased to share a beautiful highlight and contour before and after by  @glam_her_booth ✨ Full steps below  1⃣Starting from the nostrils draw a line upwards past the lash line and extended almost to the hairline  2⃣Add contouring to areas you want to define and or slim down [cheekbones, nose, jawline, and chin]  3⃣Picture 4 shows  the progress as you start to blend it helps to WORK FROM THE OUTSIDE IN- contouring along the hairline and jawline will…

See what highlighting and contour can do? Why can't every girl know this? (tip: when you do highlight and contour you dont need that much eye, lip, blush makeup as she is; that is why you do it so you have a more natural look)

neutral hues

Smoky Eye ♥--- I am so inlove with brown smokey eyes! Love her eyebrows!

How To Use Color Correctors

Makeup 101: Color Theory & Make-up Artistry │ 彩妝色彩學

Glimmer Nude eye.

Love love love this make up! :D neutrals. use urban decay's naked & naked 2 pallets along with midnight cowboy & midnight cowboy rises again, with all those I can create this look but with numerous color combinations.

tips for doing makeup

How To Make Your Makeup Look Professionally Done

eye shadows for brown eyes

Beautiful eyeshadow for brown eyes. Purple eyeshadow and thin to thick black eyeliner on the top lid and silk lashes - the eyebrow is perfect.

Guía de maquillaje de cómo maquillar los ojos según su color. #make #up #eyes

What colors brings out my eyes better? Have you ever wondered just exactly what colors brings out your eyes most? It depends on what color your eyes are. For instance, my eyes are brown, so the col.