Sculptures by Linda-Saskia Menczel

Collection by Linda Menczel

Linda Menczel
white - sculpture - faces - La Foresta dei Mille Sogni - The Forest of a Thousand Dreams - Eppe de Haan Ceramic Sculpture Figurative, Figurative Art, Stone Sculpture, Sculpture Art, Crystal Garden, Pottery Painting, Stone Carving, Art Plastique, Stone Art

Eppe de Haan — Studio Sem Eppe is very well known in his native Holland and exhibits his work throughout Europe, executing commisions in Holland, Europe and the USA. He has worked with Studio Sem for well over a decade. With each successive piece we help him to produce we learn the nuances of what he is after in the final form; where to leave a form 'fat' so that he has the room to make modifications and where we can follow his surfaces exactly. The accumulated experience and…