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Romania Gallery / Girl in Costume - Port din Cărbunar (Bănat)

Princess Ileana of Romania,her life and family

Regina Maria a României în costum popular - Queen Marie of Romania dressed in traditional costume

Photographs of Romanian life in the 20th by Costică Acsinte. A woman shows off her elaborate traditional dress, 1930s.

A woman in traditional dress poses for a portrait found photo print street ethnic boho peasant embroidered blouse skirt vintage fashion

Moldavia Romania women people culture. ADOLPH CHEVALLIER.  1920's

Old Romania – Adolph Chevallier photography

Portrait of a young lady wearing a traditional Romanian costume by Costică Acsinte (1939).

lauramcphee: Romania, 1939 (Costica Acsinte) A Romanian WWI photographer’s 5000 unseen glass plate portraits — beautifully surreal and rapidly deteriorating — are being digitized 30 years after his death. — Read more on LightBox (via timelightbox)

10. Roumania 1933

Mirifica Romanie in Alb Si Negru - 1933