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two children are working on an object with green string and glue in front of them
Team Building Idea
Work as a team to accomplish a goal. Give students a paper, marker/pen, rubber bands/tape and string and the following rules & task. Task: draw an image (like a house or you can describe an image step by step) Rules: All members must participate. You cannot directly touch the marker with any part of your body. Draw all the parts of the picture (as it is described).
the earth is made out of popsticks and some other things are on top of it
Awesome Earth Day Activity: Make an Earth Balancer
Awesome Earth Day Activity: Make an Earth Balancer - Babble Dabble Do
the random acts of kindness board
Take Time To Be Kind-- RAK 2013
a poster with the words leaders on it and some people standing in front of them
Hello Literacy Blog
paper cupcakes are cut out and placed on top of each other
Invitation to Create: Cupcake Factory
Fine Motor Cupcake Craft for Kids