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An amazing info-graphic on software testing. Infographic: 6 Reasons for Migrating to Automated Testing Via:

A wonderful infographic that will present 6 awesome reasons to migrate to test automation. Enjoy this amazing infographic while having a steaming cup

Familiarize yourself with plants that magically regrow themselves. | 21 Gardening Projects To Get You Through Winter

Use kitchen scraps to grow plants! Yes a lot of foods you disregard as not edible and/or trash can in fact grow into a plant and give you more fruits and vegetables! It is an alternative way of growing a vegetable garden then growing from seed or buying a

large balcony garden

Backyard : Pivoting Pot Holder Ring Landscape Edging Spot Light Planter Slate Garden Weathervane River Stone Deck Rail Bracket Modular Raised Garden Bed Paving Stone Ideas to Decorate the Garden at Low Cost with Unused Stuff Bar Height Patio Table‚ S