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a drawing of trees and water in the background with red, white and blue ink on paper
Станислав Михайлович Никиреев (1932-2007гг).
Станислав Михайлович Никиреев (1932-2007гг). - Музей рисунка
the fabric is very soft and shiny, it looks like silk or polyestere
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45" Wide 100% Silk Charmeuse Light Orchid Purple By the Yard
the fabric is very soft and shiny
Fabric from Mood
a close up view of a white satin fabric
I’m so done with being depressed I need to go back on meds even tho they fuck me up
a drawing of an urban area with buildings
Hong Kong 2015 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a drawing of some kind of food in a bowl on top of a table next to another
How to draw walnuts step by step
How to draw walnuts step by step 4
watercolor and ink drawing of rooftops in paris
Toits de Paris
Toits de Paris | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an artistic drawing of a building with many windows and spires on the top of it
ArtBlog – 莊嘉強的素描日記 Sketches Diary of Ch'ng Kiah Kiean
a drawing of a building with two flags on it
Marrakesch II, 2009, MAR
Marrakesch II, 2009, MAR
Pen And Watercolor, Art Courses, Watercolor Architecture
an open book with watercolor and ink drawings on the pages showing buildings in different colors
by reham_m_a
a drawing of an old building with a clock on the front door and windows in the back
John Piper – part 2
POUL WEBB ART BLOG: John Piper – part 2