Luisa Ifrimescu

Luisa Ifrimescu

Luisa Ifrimescu
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Butterfly And Flower. No. No. Nononononono. NO. No! Now I'm bawling. Frick you, adorably sad comic

Butterfly And Flower. Frick you, adorably sad comic<<< did you seriously make me start shipping a butterfly and flower?

To all those people out there that I've talked to.... *virtual hug*<-- yessss and if you ever need to talk I'm always here (I have no life) and if I ever talk to you don't be afraid to open up and rant.

Hug for everyone crying behind their screen. Unfortunately, I can't fly to your house and break your window to do it myself, so I'll do it virtually!i hope i can fly to ur place

Undercut ombre hair!

Gorgeous Ombre Hairstyles with Undercuts!