Lidia Pelivan

Lidia Pelivan

Lidia Pelivan
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Sakaguchi Kentaro & Shuntaro Yanagi

25 Ways to Style Long Haircuts with Layers

NSFW] What physical features do you find attractive? - Page 17

Francis Lane by Jason Eric Hardwick

Light Refraction  /  Blue Puree Marble    -   2008    -     Mike Stoy photography     -

Light refracted through a blue marble 2008 - Mike Stoy photography.

Blue Marbles by Dvmsimages , via Dreamstime

Window reflection in blue marbles.

Cobalt Blue Decorative Marbles 25# Bulk - Marbles and Gems of Color

Cobalt Blue Decorative Marbles Bulk - Marbles and Gems of Color

blue marbles

What will you do with your blue marble?

Song Jae Rim. fellow Aquarius! Model his earlier years:)

Model his earlier years:)

ugh again with the pony tail! and he's shirtless! i swear he just wants me to die.

Crazy For Kdrama: Khottie of the Week: Kim Bum

Dusk, Lijiang, China

bluepueblo: Dusk, Lijiang, China photo via besttravelphotos

Fire and Ice, locked in battled, the only way out for one of them to kill the other. After centuries of such fighting, they become locked together, frozen for eternity in an embrace of hatred

dragons - reminds me of Eragon ;