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a quote that says i may look like a potato now, but one day i'll turn into fries and you'll all want me then
But I'll probs be a potato forever, sooooo
a woman typing on a typewriter with the words today go to pinterest to look up that one recipe 2 omg i have to pin everything 3 bake nothing
TODAY: 1. Go to pinterest to look up that one recipe. 2. OMG I have to pin everything! 3. Bake nothing
too true...
a white coffee mug sitting on top of a table next to a cup with writing on it
A poem for mornings...
trees covered in snow with the words, my favorite thing about winter? when it's over
Winter sucks!
a dog laying on top of a wooden floor next to a quote that says sometimes i just want to lie on the floor and do nothing
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
It's true @Rude Bwoy does this sound familiar? :)))
a sign that says are you drunk? yes no
This checklist.
This checklist. | 37 Things Only British People Will Find Amusing
two people sitting on a bench with the caption i was having a crappy day then you said hi
relationship quotes on Tumblr
relationship quotes | Tumblr
a sign that says, repeat after me i deserve new shoes
I deserve new shoes! #shoes #quote #style #fashion #shopping
a white t - shirt with the words anything that can go wrong will murphy likes this
Murphy's Law
the words trust me, you can dance vodka on a black background with white lettering
Trust Vodka
Trust Vodka funny party dance drunk lol vodka alcohol funny humor funny quote funny quotes