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I fucked up my finals project cuz i didnt feel like it but for the other project i was working on i nailed the shit out of it and did it in less than 4 days.

thewitchystuff: ☆゚..゚☆ MAGIC ZODIAC☆゚..゚☆ Aries: Strength Potion Taurus: Turn of Fate Potion Gemini: Anxiety Free Potion Cancer: Healing Potion Virgo: A Glimpse to the future Potion Leo: Make Amends Potion Libra: Hex breaker Potion Scorpio: Love Potion Sagittarius: Mind Strength Potion Capricorn: Relax Potion Aquarius: Blessing Potion Pisces: Protection Potion

Leo - OOOHH mine looks so enticing.