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Snowy day in Bishamon-do temple, Kyoto, Japan
a small red building sitting next to a lake in the middle of snow covered trees
My Asian Favorit: Photo
a tall red building surrounded by trees covered in snow
a snowy path with lanterns and lights in the middle of it, surrounded by snow covered trees
a group of people standing in front of a mountain covered in ice and snow flakes
Top 10 Winter Festivals in Japan
Top 10 Winter Snow and Ice Festivals in Japan - GaijinPot Travel
Vietnam, Tokyo Winter, Winter In Tokyo
a large ice sculpture sitting on top of a snow covered ground next to tall buildings
Sapporo Snow Festival
Kinszi Böngészde: Sapporo Snow Festival
an ice cave with blue and pink lights on the walls, along with snow covered ground
20 Amazing things to do in Hokkaido, Japan
Visit the amazing Sapporo Snow Festival | Travel Nation
an ice sculpture in front of a tall tower with a clock on it's side
Sapporo Snow Festival 2018, Hokkaidō, Japan. Night Illumination at the Ōdōri Park site (大通公園) during the annual Sapporo Snow Festival (札幌 雪まつり) in Hokkaidō (北海道), Japan. This year marks the 150th anniversary of the naming of ‘Hokkaido’. For this occasion, a commemorative birthday cake designed by Eri Fujishima is on display.
people are walking around illuminated snow sculptures
Sapporo Snow Festival | List of Events | Events | Welcome to Sapporo
an ice sculpture that looks like dinosaurs in different colors and sizes is lit up at night
Sapporo Snow Festival 2025 | Japan Cheapo
2018 Sapporo Snow Festival | Japan Cheapo
an aerial view of a city at night with lots of lights on the buildings and trees
Sapporo Snow Festival. Looking for more information about Hokkaido? Go Visit Sapporo sightseeing photograph library.
people walk through the snow covered path with lit candles in front of them and trees