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haha the struggle is real!

Funny Weekend Ecard: That awkward moment when you take a shower in the middle of the day and you're not sure whether to put on regular clothes or pajama's. *Always choose pajamas!

Chris Hemsworth. Well, yeah, this was originally why I wanted to watch Thor... And now he is on my list ;)

I usually don't like guys with long hair, but hot damn Chris Hemsworth! He was heck of fine in Thor. Man, I guess good genes run in the family since his brother, Liam Hemsworth is good looking too.


Ladies, if your man has a beard, raise your hand. If he doesn't, raise your standards. - beards bearded man men love funny >>------> this made me laugh so hard.

Beards are Extremely-Sharp!

Funny Beard Quote: Go ahead and stare at your beard in the mirror you manly bastard, you've earned it.

Those days are now sex filled days, or at the very least spent eating donuts. Either way, I'll be combing out my beard

Today, in this post we are unfolding fw interesting manly beard quotes and sayings that would probably encourage men to pull out their hair who consider it

I know there is a man with tattoos, a killer beard, likes booze, has a motorcycle, has a brain, know his grammar, and loves me!

"You love Kid Rock as much as I do? Let's get shit-faced together.