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Early childhood education resources and activities for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade that inspire a love of learning including classroom management…
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an open box with marshmallows in it and the words how to make easy solar oven smores
Solar Oven for Kids Plus Sun Science Experiments
Solar Oven for Kids - See how to make easy solar oven s'mores with your students or kids on a sunny day plus other hands-on science experiments for kids that teach about the sun.
the end of the year student gifts is 15 ideas for kids to use in their classroom
15+ End of the Year Student Gift Ideas
15+ end-of-year student gift ideas! From heartfelt keepsakes to fun surprises, these gifts will make your students feel special as they finish the school year. Start getting your gifts ready!
science experiments for kids with text overlay
Science & STEM Ideas for the Entire Year - Lessons for Little Ones by Tina O'Block
100+ science experiments for kids - See over 100 engaging, hands-on science experiments & STEM challenges that are simple to set up and use common household items. Have fun science activities for the entire year!
the end of the year escape room print and go for kids to learn how to use it
End-of-Year Escape Room for Kindergarten & 1st Grade No Prep!
Keep your students engaged and learning with this fun, easy-to-set-up end-of-year escape room! No props needed—just print & go! Your students will love solving clues to help the animals graduate. Bonus activity included! Perfect for reviewing skills and promoting teamwork. Download now for an unforgettable classroom experience for kindergarten - first grade!
the end of the year bulletin board with smart cookies and smart cookies for students to use
End of the Year Bulletin Boards & Craftivities with Writing Prompts - Lessons for Little Ones by Tin
End of the Year Bulletin Boards (Student-Created with Crafts & Writing Prompts) - Find 9 ideas for eye-catching end of the year bulletin boards that students can create. The writing prompts help students reflect back on the school year & the crafts allow their creativity to show!
an egg, tadpole, frog, and alligator display in a blue plastic box
Life Cycle Vocabulary Cards & Teaching Ideas for Early Elementary Students
Teaching Ideas Plus Free Downloads for life cycles (butterfly, frog, plant, chicken). Find engaging ways to teach life cycles to your early elementary students (preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade) including life cycle crafts, puzzles, posters, vocabulary cards, interactive activities, and more.
back to school gift ideas for kids with free printables and pictures on them
Back to School, Open House, Meet the Teacher Student Gift Ideas & Gift Tags - Lessons for Little One
Having a little something special waiting for young students on the first day of school or on Meet the Teacher Night (Open House) helps make them feel a little more at ease and excited about beginning school. Find over 15 cute ideas for back to school student gifts that are inexpensive & fun! #backtoschoolgifts #backtoschoolstudentgifts
the best ideas for teaching plant's and flowers with pictures of plants in pots
Plants Science Experiments & Teaching How Plants Grow - Lessons for Little Ones by Tina O'Block
The best ideas for teaching how plants grow, what plants need to grow, the parts of a flower, & how to plant seeds to your preschool, kindergarten, first grade students. Click for hands-on, engaging activities and experiments for your spring plant or flower unit.
a father's day gift for his daughter with the words, donuts with dad
Donuts with Dad Craft (Father's Day Gift) - Lessons for Little Ones by Tina O'Block
DIY Donuts with Dad Crafts for Father's Day Looking for a fun and unique Father's Day craft? Try these adorable donut crafts that kids can make! Perfect for Donuts with Dad celebrations, these personalized gifts are quick and easy to create. Find all the details on the blog!
the life cycle teaching ideas with free printables
Life Cycle (Butterfly, Frog, Chicken, Plant) Teaching Ideas Plus Free Downloads - Lessons for Little
Life Cycle Teaching Ideas with FREE Downloads - Find hands-on, engaging ideas for teaching the butterfly, frog, chicken, and plant life cycles (both print & digital ideas!) plus download free materials for teaching the butterfly life cycle. Click to visit the blog post & grab the freebie!
the back to school sign and chalk markers with text overlay that reads end of the year gifts for students
End of the Year Student Gifts & Gift Tags - Lessons for Little Ones by Tina O'Block
Over 15 memorable end of the year student gifts that will make your students feel special! Click the link to see cute, inexpensive end of the year gift ideas for your students.
a paper plate with the words water cycle craft on it and a hand pointing at it
Water Cycle Craft & Science Experiments
Water Cycle Craft - This paper plate craft gives students a visual representation of the water cycle and how it repeats over and over again. Click to see how to create it plus find 3 simple science experiments that teach elementary students about the water cycle.
a printable worksheet on what do plants need to grow? for kids
Explore Plants Needs with Fun and Engaging Activities for Kindergarten - First Grade Students!
Do you want to engage your Kindergarten and First Grade students with fun and educational plants activities? With our Plants Needs Activities for Kindergarten and First Grade, your students will be able to explore what plants need to grow through exciting and hands-on experiments, science activities, and more. Click to see all of the engaging plants activities!
a paper plate with the words father's day gifts for donuts with dad on it
Father's Day Gifts Doughnuts for Dads Crafts
Get ready for a memorable Donuts with Dads event with these creative Father's Day crafts! Let your little ones' imagination soar as they create personalized gifts to show Dad how much he's loved. Visit the blog post to see all of the creative options!
several different pictures with the words summer science activities for kids
Summer Science Experiments & Book Suggestions - Lessons for Little Ones by Tina O'Block
Summer Science Activities for Kids - Easy to set up summer science experiments to keep kids engaged and learning over the summer months. Click to see fun ways