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This is a guest post! If you like Japan– or comics– check out my site at I think in comics! I remember my first day of Japanese class. The first way I was first taught kanji, as far as …

kanji as playful illustrations

Funny pictures about These Illustrations Make It Easy To Learn Chinese. Oh, and cool pics about These Illustrations Make It Easy To Learn Chinese. Also, These Illustrations Make It Easy To Learn Chinese photos.

dyin while i impatiently wait for the full welcome to madness clip ; give me that good otayuri content Please do not repost my art anywhere online, th. Welcome to the Madness

Bless Kubo and Yamamoto

Bless Kubo and Yamamoto <<<<That's really great no doubt but if it took 4 years to make that masterpiece, how can expect the next season by October?

When did that happen? I can't remember... ^^'

I saw Victors hand tremble and Yurio was kinda being an ass even though i love him a lot. And initially i didnt think a lot about Victor's hand trembling but shit man my heart I love all this well thought through Viktuuri moments

Yuri!!! On Ice ❄ Victor x Yuri

On Ice ❄ Victor x Yuri. I looove it! Why so short? I know a second season is coming but what if they fuck it up? Aaah the dilemma of a fangirl 😂😂😂