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There are many colorful & fragrant varieties

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Purple-beard orchid [Calochilus platychilus] - want

Purple beard orchid

Calochilus platychilus Bruce, ACT

Shade Garden Flowers And Decor Ideas Orchid - Phragmipedium Acker's Charm

EnLightened Orchids Phragmipedium Gallery

Orchid - Phragmipedium Acker's Charm/pink lady's slipper...which the deer love to eat by the way.

Newest Free Exotic Flowers how to grow Concepts Regional plants along with vegetation might be a wonderful addition to just about any place of work as well a

Restrepia contorta

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100 Grains Rare Butterfly Orchid Flower Plantas Indoor Potted Orchid Plants Very Easy Plant Graines De Fleurs Rares Garden

Miltonia clowesii

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Garden Flowers - Annuals Or Perennials Maxillaria Puncto-Striata


Maxillaria puncto-striata

Miltonia spectabilis var morelina 'Sonja' x 'Geyserland'. Miltonia spectabilis, the Outstanding Miltonia, is a species of orchid occurring in extreme eastern Brazil Amazing Flowers, Flower Garden, Pretty Flowers, Orchids, Unusual Flowers, Orchidaceae, Plants, Rare Flowers, Planting Flowers

Miltonia spectabilis var morelina 'Sonja' x 'Geyserland'

NSOS March 2010 Miltonia spectabilis var morelina 'Sonja' x 'Geyserland' Exhibitor: Trish Peterson

Amazing Unusual Plants To Grow In Your Garden

Prosthechea sp.

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: Sale - 3 Premium Orchids To Choose Perfect Orchid Pots 3 Cattleyas : Garden and Outdoor Beautiful Flowers, Cattleya, Amazing Flowers, Flower Garden, Pretty Flowers, Trees To Plant, Unusual Flowers, Orchid Flower, Rare Flowers

Sale - 3 Different Premium Orchids + Perfect Orchid Pots (3 Cattleyas) : Sale - 3 Premium Orchids to Choose + Perfect Orchid Pots (3 Cattleyas) : Garden & Outdoor

List of the Best Types of Orchids

Paphiopedilum Insigne 'Harefield Hall' February 2013.

At one time Paphiopedilum Insigne was the definitive orchid grower's starter plant. Its an easy plant to grow, flowers at Christmas and on into January. Hundreds of thousands were imported from Northern India during the 19th. and early 20th. centuries with many superior varieties showing up. 'Harefield Hall' has been considered one of the finest, if not the finest. Individual blooms if kept cool can last in good condition for up to eight weeks.

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Nine Ways to Lure a Lover, Orchid-Style

Beauty, mystery and deceit—the Smithsonian's collection of nearly 8,000 live orchids has it all

Low Cost Flowers Shipping And Delivery - An Anniversary Reward Without A Significant Selling Price Tag Lady Slipper 'Prueba Uno' - By

Prueba uno

Evidentemente tengo que reducir la luz baja (nadiral)..... pero eso lo pruebo en la próxima

Orchid Aerangis punctata They are magnificent flowers these orchids.

Aerangis punctata

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Learn how to propagate orchid plants at

Odontioda Lippstadt x Astomar

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Neofinetia falcata v. Shutenno - a popular small coconut fragrant orchid in Japan.

Orchids of Other Genera IN BLOOM

Neofinetia falcata v. Shutenno; Neofinetia falcata has long been a popular small coconut fragrant orchid in Japan. Numerous dedicated small ornamental pots to hold this plant can be found on eBay.

Flower-detail of Rhynchostele cordata

Rhynchostele cordata

Rhynchostele cordata

Orchis galilaea Orchid flower that looks like a little man with a big head. Orchis galilaea Orchid f

Orchids : Wild orchids of Israel part 2 - 2 - orchids, rare plants, fertilizer, materials and equipment, all for hydroponics - Delivery of plants all over the world

Orchis galilaea Orchid flower that looks like a little man with a big head.