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a wind chime hanging on the beach with sea glass beads and seashells
Sea Glass Seashells Beads Driftwood Wind Chime Sun Catcher Mobile Coastal Decor
several pieces of art hanging on a wall next to some branches and sea glass beads
View SUNCATCHERS by RedIslandSeaGlass on Etsy
Sea Glass Mobiles by Red Island Sea Glass
a piece of art made out of sea glass
This Ivy House
two wind chimes hanging on the wall next to each other
a cement planter with small white flowers in it
Custom Concrete Design
The Apalaki Seashell Suncatcher Wind Chime
an image of a mobile phone with sea glass beads hanging from it's side
three cement balls with plants in them sitting on a wooden deck
Pigmented Mini Cement Balloon Planters Tutorial | Artsy Pretty Plants
a concrete planter hanging from a rope with moss growing in the center on a white wall
DaHorta + Branco Design | Ateliê criativo | Histórias de Casa
a hand holding a broken egg shell in it's palm next to some plants
Make Concrete Orbs, Balls & Spheres
Super idea! By: @alla_art_beton
a small cactus in a wooden bowl on a white background
Cement in your decor? Trust us, these ideas are gorgeous!