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438K views · 9.2K reactions | tips for moving#tiktok #fouyou #lifetips #fyp #foryou | DL-Life Tips | DL-Life Tips · Original audio
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2.4M views · 4.3K reactions | Only way I clean my oven | Only way I clean my oven Liz uses three simple ingredients to easily remove oven stains. The before and after oven results are amazing. This original... | By Liz & Jeff | Okay, so once you got your door in the tub, you want to start with your baking soda. Next up, distilled white vinegar. Get your scrub daddy and scrubbing this until you get a good paste going. Okay, so last ingredient here, you're going to want to add your whitening toothpaste. Okay, so I'm just going to get a nice layer of it here and again, this just really helps to break up those stains and this is really nice because it has that baking soda in it. Um it also has that whitening agent. So, we'll go ahead and mix this up as well. Alright, get these edges here. And no heavy-duty scrubbing just yet because the last thing that we're going to do here is we're going to go ahead and add some clean wrap to this, alright? Cuz we do want to let this sit and let all of these items kind of soak in and do their job for us and this is going to make our job so much easier. Okay so now while this sits we're going to go ahead and clean the rest of our oven Making that same solution, little bit of baking soda, little bit of vinegar. Give it a good scrub there and then just wipe clean. Then, you're just going to want to throw your racks into the sink with a little bit of dawn. Let those set and scrub those. So, after about five or 10 minutes, you just want to take off your clean wrap here, right? All those stains should be nice and loosened up. Let's go and get a sneak peek up top. Oh, wow. That look at that. Oh my little setting stains there are just rubbing right off oh this is fantastic so much easier than all that scrubbing let's go ahead and take all this off now and go ahead and look at what we're working with alright let's go all the way across let's see here I'm pushing down pretty hard here to get all that set in stains up there oh wow look at that oh my goodness wow this is great I'm just going to give it a couple more rubs here okay and then what we're going to do is we're going to use the shower head with some really warm water and then we're go ahead and rinse all this off, alright? So, just get all these edges one more time. Alright. Now, let's go ahead and heat up our shower head here. Let's get this down. Gonna make sure the water is nice and hot. We're going to rinse all this off. There we go. Alright, that's probably about good. Alright, you ready to see it? I'm ready to see how this thing really looks. See how it looks. Alright, here we go. Oh my goodness. Look at that. It just comes right off. Oh, wow. That looks great. Oh, I can't believe this works so well. Look at how good that looks. And get this top and the top really helps because it helps you keep first off you got the shower up here which you don't have in the kitchen which is nice and it keeps all your dirt contained in the one area instead of spreading it all over that look at that it's a brand new oh my wow y'all look how beautiful this looks all of those stains are gone and it is spotless.
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112K views · 982 reactions | Follow for more home tips & hacks! I’ve been seeing a lot of DM’s asking for this dusting solution mix and wanted to reshare it! Such a game changer! Add a little scented essential oil to make your home smell amazing. Keep up with this monthly and you will see much less dust!. Don’t forget to save & share with others! | woah.heather.rhodes
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215K views · 4K reactions | CLEAN TOILET HACK MUST WATCH 😳😱 | CLEAN TOILET HACK MUST WATCH 😳😱 | By KAREN AN SONS SHOW | Have you guys learned this trick yet? This is so amazing. Now I've done this a couple of times the last couple of years but I keep forgetting to show you guys this. So what you're going to do is just take some of this. I just take some of this Fabulosa. I hear people get this from the Dollar Store but every time I've gone to the Dollar Store I can't find it. But I just get it like at Walmart. And literally it's couple bucks. So what you're going to do is I go ahead and just take a tack and I put two little holes right on the top. A lot of people will put a big hole in it. But I find that it just gets really wasteful if you do that. And or they just use a little knife and slit it. And what you're going to do after you get those two little holes in there. Take the top off to your toilet. And put it upside down. Put the lid back on it. And every time you flush it just a little bit comes out every single time. Guys this is a huge trick. It really does keep your toilet extra extra clean. So give this a shot and let me know what you guys think. I do it all the time now and it works.
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421K views · 3.1K reactions | These DIY soy wax wraps are a fantastic way to create a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap. They are reusable, biodegradable, and easy to make. Materials Needed_ - 100% cotton fabric (lightweight, if possible)#gardendesign #gardenupdate #raisedbeds #gardenideas #planters #gardeninspiration #growyourown #containergarden #gardening #organicgardening #gardenbeds #citygarden #vegetablepatch #urbangarden #vegetablegarden #garden #raisedbedgarden #beautifulgardens #ediblegarden #gardenfurniture #gardeninspo #growsomething #gardenlife #gardenmakeover #gyo #plants #diy #kitchengarden #thehappygardeninglife #horticulture | Diygarden Low | Diygarden Low · Original audio
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896K views · 16K reactions | #fypシ #foryouシ #reelsfypシ #intro #viralshorts #short #42k | ThyA | ThyA · Original audio
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325K views · 4.1K reactions | Making cleaning easier.. 😲🤩 #cleaning #CleanTok #lifehacks #howto | Creative explained | Creative explained · Original audio
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64K views · 966 reactions | Save for later & share with others! Dust free home….well dust free furniture, you still have to vacuum your floors, & maintain monthly. Remember, cleaning is nothing but maintenance! My FAVE cleaning solution for dusting; 2 cups water, 1/4 cup white cleaning vinegar, 1 tbsp olive oil, & 1 drop of Dawn Dish Soap! Shake & spray! This solution repels the dust to the ground rather than sticking to your furniture! Try it out, & thank me later! Love you! Have you tried it yet? | woah.heather.rhodes
a person is using a black and white mat to make a magic multipurpose cream cleaner
373K views · 2.3K reactions | This magic multipurpose cleaning paste will change the way you clean your home 🙌🫧 #cleaninghacks #cleaningtips #cleanhome #mamamilastips #TipsandTricks | Chantel Mila - Home Tips | Earth, Wind & Fire · September
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214K views · 1.8K reactions | Life hack tips you should try #viralreelsシ #foryoupageシ #followformore #lifehack | Al Wayne
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1.1M views · 18K reactions | This DIY cleaning paste is easy to make and can be used almost everywhere in your home! All you need is: 1 cup of baking soda, 1/3 cup of dish soap, and 1 tbsp of water. Save this recipe and give it a try. #cleaninghacks #cleaningmotivation #lowtoxliving #cleaningproducts #Bakingsoda | Homeaglow | T-Pain · Can't Believe It (Instrumental)
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134K views · 1K reactions | Here’s how to rid mould without using chlorine bleach. Using chlorine bleach on mould will get rid of it but it won’t kill it as it doesn’t kill the spore meaning it will eventually come back. It also creates an incredibly toxic gas when used on mould. So to get rid of the mould for good in a safe way try this instead:1. Mix 1 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide with 1tsp tea tree essential oil in a spray bottle 2. Spray on the mould until soaked3. Cover with tissue and spray again until the tissue is soaked4. Remove the tissue and scrub (if needed) 5. Wipe/rinse .If you’re making the solution to keep, then making it up into a dark bottle is better as hydrogen peroxide is reactive to light so this will prevent the hydrogen peroxide decomposing. Also when dealing with mould, always wear gloves or wash your hands immediately after treating. I wouldn’t recommend on marble or other natural stone. Instead stick to a specialist natural stone cleaner..#cleaninghacks #cleaningtips #cleaningmotivation #bathroomclean #cleaning | Anna Louisa At Home | Anna Louisa At Home · Original audio