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a horse that is jumping in the air
ich versuche schon ewig so ein Bild hinzubekommen! Aber Chico iritiert eine kamera unterm Hinderniss und Funny würde einfach mal voll draufhüpfen! Riskier ich lieber nicht;)
a woman riding on the back of a white horse
Equestrian Performance
The highest form of relaxation #equestrian #horse #horses #dressage
black and white photograph of a woman hugging a horse
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The Transformation of Amy Lunaro: Chapter Fifteen
black and white photograph of a woman kissing a horse's face while standing in a field
Barn Girl
The love between a horse and it's rider, it's a bond you will never break. #Jupinkle Visit barngirl.com for more,
a woman is petting the head of a brown horse while wearing a black hat
Splendor in the South
Su amor por los caballos, y la libertad que le ofrece poder cabalgar y estar en el campo, hace que Bárbara olvide su pasado, y el secreto que guarda celosamente. #HonoryTraición
a person jumping a horse over an obstacle
Equestrian Performance
Jumping my way towards the weekend! ✨ #equestrian #equestrianstockholm #horse #horses #equestrianperformance
a woman standing next to a horse in a field
.I love this picture. It displays the sweet and gentle relationship between a girl and her horse. <3