Young Shepherd with his Dog, Nicolae Grigorescu

Young Shepherd with his Dog Nicolae Grigorescu Wholesale Oil Painting China Picture Frame 30797

Nicolae Grigorescu | Nicolae Grigorescu -Tarancuta | my heart to your heart

Nicolae Grigorescu -Tarancuta

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1 Decembrie, Romania

Nicolae Grigorescu - Portret de fetita

Nicolae Grigorescu - Portret de fetita - Pictify - your social art network

Nicolae Grigorescu(1838-1907): "Peasant Girl from Muscel"

Nicolae Grigorescu famous Romanian painter: "Peasant Girl from Muscel"

decebal catre popor

decebal catre popor

1 Decembrie, Romania

nicolae grigorescu

Nicolae Grigorescu (May was one of the founders of modern Romanian painting. He was born in Pitaru, (judeţ.

Theodor Aman - Hora de la Aninoasa

Theodor Aman(20 martie 1831 – 19 august 1891), pictor român

Round-dance at Aninoasa - Theodor Aman, Romanticism

Pe varf de munte - Nicolae Grigorescu

The Little Girl with Red Headscarf - Nicolae Grigorescu

1 Decembrie, Romania

Papusa confectionata din lingura de lemn

Papusa confectionata din lingura de lemn