the stairs are made of concrete and lead up to an entrance
Best Architecture & Buildings In Florence
Laurentian Library
an aerial view of the dome of a church in italy, with rooftops and buildings surrounding it
Best Architecture & Buildings In Florence
Florence Cathedral
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The Perfect One Week In Umbria Itinerary
Planning a trip to Umbria? This is the ultimate one week in Umbria itinerary. The Umbria region, in the center of Italy, has many Etruscan sites and medieval hill towns. This 7 days in Umbria itinerary covers the top towns and best places to visit on your Umbria vacation. These Umbria destinations include the top attractions and best things to do in Umbria. Read on for how to spend 1 week in Umbria, Italy's green heart. Umbria travel | Umbria Bucket List | Umbria Road Trip Itinerary
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Guide To The Masterpieces of Tuscany
an image of some paintings on the ceiling with text overlaying it that reads casa vasari arezzo
Guide To Casa Vasari, A Feast Of Frescos in Arezzo
Planning a visit to Arezzo Italy? Put Casa Vasari on your itinerary. The house museum was the home of famed Renaissance artist Giorgio Vasari. It's decorated with stunning frescos, precious examples of Mannerism. Casa Vasari is one of the top attractions and best things to do in Arezzo. This guide tells you everything to see at Casa Vasari and gives you must know tips for visiting. Read on to discover the magical frescos at Casa Vasari, a must visit museum for art lovers in Tuscany.
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Michelangelo's Tomb in Florence's Basilica of Santa Croce
Want to pay homage to Michelangelo in Florence? Visit his tomb monument in the Basilica of Santa Croce. Michelangelo's monumental tomb is a masterpiece designed by Giorgio Vasari. It is a testament to the incredible skill and talent of the world renowned Renaissance artist. In this guide, you'll learn about Michelangelo's death, the commissioning of the tomb, and the sculptural pieces that make up the monument. Read on to discover Michelangelo's tomb, a must see historic monument in Florence!
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Visitor's Guide To Florence's Beautiful Basilica of Santa Croce
statue of the poet Dante outside Santa Croce
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How To See Michelangelo’s David (And Other Masterpieces!) In Florence's Accademia Gallery
Planning a trip to Florence? No visit to the city would be complete without seeing Michelangelo's David statue in the Accademia Gallery. David is a top attraction in Florence and the world's most famous sculpture. In this Florence travel guide, I give you a history and analysis of the famous statue of David. Perhaps more importantly, I tell you how to skip the line at the Accademia to see the famed statue in person. Read on for tips on visiting the Galleria dell'Accademia in Florence.
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Florence Art Bucket List: 30 Famous Paintings in Florence
Looking to discover the most famous paintings in Florence Italy? This is the ultimate guide to 30 famous art works and paintings in Florence. The glamorous Renaissance has been a hub of art for centuries. The city boasts some of the most famous paintings in Italy, and even in the world. You'll find paintings by such great artists as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Botticelli. Read on to discover where to find the best art and paintings in Florence, for your Florence art bucket list!
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Who Were the Medici? A Nutshell History of Florence's Ruling Family
Planning a trip to Florence Italy? Here’s my nutshell history of the Medici family of Florence. Florence is synonymous with the Medici, a dynasty that ruled for centuries. The Medici were bankers by trade, benevolent despots by design, and geopolitical and cultural inluencers. The family produced three popes, two queens, and many Florentine rulers. The Medici family commissioned virtually all of Florence’s breathtaking art and architecture. Read on to see how the Medici influenced history.
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One Day In Arezzo Itinerary: What To Do & See
pretty street in Arezzo
an old stone building with a clock tower in the background
One Day In Arezzo Itinerary: What To Do & See
Ivan Bruschi Museum
an old cobblestone street with stone buildings and potted plants on either side
One Day In Spello Italy Itinerary, Umbria's Charming Hill Town
cobbled lane in Spello
tables and chairs with blue tablecloths are lined up in front of a building
One Day In Siena Itinerary, What To Do In This Tuscan Medieval Gem
cafe in Siena
an alley way with plants and flowers on either side
One Day In Siena Itinerary, What To Do In This Tuscan Medieval Gem
pretty lane with flowers