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I want tgis as a tatoo! Beautiful pic from my home town, Palm Beach County, FL. Full moon rising over Jupiter Inlet Beach in Florida!

Giza and Moon, Egypt

Spatial: Interesting night view of Egypt and Sphinx. -Pyramid At night, Cairo, Egypt How many times has the lovely moon looked down upon the Egyptian pyramids and other structures?

Saint Mary Lake ~ Montana

Saint Mary Lake ~ Montana Travel and Photography from around the world.

A huge wave of dust swept over the coast of Western Australia on Wednesday, Jan. 9,2013. A Bureau of Meteorology forecaster explained to The West Australian that the striking view was created when the sand and dust was mixed into a thunderstorm's wind and rain.

A cloud formation tinged with red dust travels across the Indian Ocean near Onslow on the Western Australia coast, January The 'red wave' was caused by rain and wind that kicked sand and d

Glorious #moon. #shore

Walking on the beach at night is beautiful,and hearing the waves while others are sleeping is the best way to enjoy a quiet evening.

Freedom is not superior to limitation; with this realization I am able to choose freedom. --Story Waters

Sailing ship on high seas with full moon in the background.

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Super Moon, Sardinia, Italy

Super Moon, Sardinia, Italy photo via besttravelphotos

Super Moon of 2013

Super Moon of Griffith Island Lighthouse in Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia - photo: Oat Vaiyaboon^^^This looks exactly the same size and color as the one we were awed last night.