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an article from the book druid circle of the chimera
Druid - Circle of the Chimera, for druids who like monstrosities.
an article about the art of martial archetys and how to use it in your book
Fighter: Head Hunter - Sentence your foes to death with this executioner fighter subclass for Anilorhn's Guide to the New World
the back cover of an old computer game, featuring a man holding a woman's arm
Barbarian Subclass | Path of the Abomination 2.0
an image of a page with information about the characters in the film, including text and pictures
The Tamer | A full class designed around taming and summoning creatures (pdf in comments)
the front and back cover of a book with an image of a man on a horse
Path of the Primal Hunt - why should Rangers have all the fun? A Barbarian subclass that fights alongside an apex predator.
Art, Inspiration
Vallonde Laid Bare
an article about the art and writing of warhammer
College of Fire Dancing: Light Up the Stage (And Your Enemies) with Sizzling Pyromantic Performances!
an info sheet describing the different types of characters in video game character design and development
Artificer Specialist — Machinist — Forget about walking and instead ride a mecha as a mount.
an image of a woman with red hair and armor in the middle of a page
Barbarian: Path of the Thane [Final] | Hand to the Jarl, Bodyguard to the King, Brother to their Kin, Storyteller by the Fire - A Combat, Political and Emotional Support Barbarian
an image of a person in the air with a sky background and clouds behind them
Expanded Cultists by Sonixverse Labs
Fighter Subclass: The Gladiator
Fighter Subclass: The Gladiator
the back cover of an article about lightning
Monk: Way of the Lightning Body - Unleash the Storm Within! [Guide to the Abyssal Depths]