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Yato | god, please deliver me to him

yato you can have all the 5 yen coins in the world if i can come to your universe!

"Quiet Magia ro ma nn chi ka" Formuła Cytec Apartamenty

ADOPTED, This is Zenith, he is secretly a prince and he doesn't act like one and he hates being nice and kind to everyone else. Zenith has a very scary dark side that u don't wanna see ever in ur life, trust me, don't get on his bad side. Zenith is a flir

What is this anime?

(Gintama 'oshiette ginpachi sensei') Gintoki XDDD *faints of nosebleeds*

Tokyo Ghoul

The official website of the anime adaptation of Sui Ishida’s Tokyo Ghoul has revealed new visual for the second season of the anime, Tokyo Ghoul √A.