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Bridget Satterlee • hello there my name is frigga 'Samantha' of Asgard but Samantha is just fine. I was named after my grandmother and you can tell that my father is Thor and my mom is Jane foster. I grew up Asgardian but I had constant visits to New York and I live there now. I'm extremely good and scone and math but combat as well. Introduce?

This is Thyra

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A Whiter Shade of Pale / Light and Silence

| MODERN + BLACK | #fashionforher Freja #BehaErichsen in the little black dress LBD - essential for any closet, minimal classic elegance

Freja Beha Erichsen in the little black dress LBD - essential for any closet, minimal classic elegance, great structured dress, vintage


You'll be catching kisses left and right when you strut your stuff in the Va Va Voom Black Backless Midi Dress! Stretch knit hugs your curves while a deep V at back shows off your sexy side.

Welcome to the planet Nothing. A world without no colour, no war, and lots of rules. There are guards called Plasmas which either eat or murder people who go against the government. Only heroes can stop them and get Nothing's colour get back it's real name Xeno. It's not always been boring. Only fate decides for the heroes, the effect...the rebels who will save the planet.

Looking up at the top of the trees. Love the path of space that's created where no tree branches are. Art by nature.

Anouk Aimée & Jean-Louis Trintignant in Un Homme et une Femme,1966, director Claude Lelouch

Anouk Aimée & Jean-Louis Trintignant in Un homme et une femme Claude Lelouch)

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This is one of the single greatest feelings ever. Reading to your lover in bed. Also being read to by your lover in bed is awesome too.

From The Reverse Commute: "When she got off the train, he give her a big hug, lifting her off the ground while he kissed her. He nuzzled his nose in her hair and said, "Hmmm. You smell so nice."

Welcome Home - Planscher av Marc Trautmann på AllPosters.

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