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Top 33 Most Creative Camping DIY Projects and Clever Ideas

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Chewing Gum and a battery can be used Fire Starter - Use the foil-backed wrapper to short circuit an AA battery and create a flame. First, tear the wrapper into an hourglass shape and touch the foil to the positive and negative battery terminals. The electrical current will briefly cause the paper wrapper to ignite. Use the flame to light a candle or tinder.

Chewing Gum + AA Battery = Fire Starter - Tear a Foil-Backed Wrapper Into an Hourglass Shape. Touch the Foil to the Positive and Negative Battery Terminals. The Electrical Current will Cause the Wrapper to Ignite and Light a Candle or Tinder.

Survival DIY

WOW - i don't know if i even will be able to use this, but the idea is great just in case - perfect camping grill! DIY Tin Can Grill Top 33 Most Creative Camping DIY Projects and Clever Ideas by

fishing spear

Having a survival weapon is an absolute necessity for camping, hiking, bushcraft, or if you’re just lost in the wilderness.

Fishing spear

Survival Fishing in the Jungle - Survival fishing is made easy in the jungle, where you can make a spear out of abundant bamboo. Learn more about survival fishing in the jungle.

Six Primitive Traps For Catching Food In The Woods

If you ever need to use a primitive trap to catch food this article will explain how to do it. With these six primitive traps for catching food in the wood

Six Primitive Traps For Catching Food In The Woods

Bird Traps Birds can be much easier to trap than mammals and should be among your first targets for a meal. Ojibwa Bird Pole Set this trap in a large clearing where birds

Essential Survival Skills

How to Build a Cold Weather Survival Debris Hut- I have built one before with friends, they are extremely effective.If you backpack you should know how to build one of these!