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two pieces of blue fabric sitting on top of a white cloth covered in lace and beads
Free Luna Moth Pattern
Needle Tatting and other Nonsense: Free Luna Moth Pattern
a string wrapped object sitting on top of a wooden table
Celtic Tatting: 06/01/2004 - 07/01/2004
Love this tatted Butterfly ... would look like nice on a hair clip if starched or coated in a clear polymer.
a close up view of a person's arm with an intricate design on it
Tatting Patterns | Crochet Patterns
Free Vintage Tatting Patterns - lots of patterns
three women dressed in period clothing sitting on the grass with an old fashioned table and tent behind them
Selma, Ala. Daily Photo
Free Tatting Patterns Beginners | Tatting Patterns Free Download [gotta get me a 'get-up' like these gals! lol - NB, don't you love the hats, too? (NOT!)]
a green brooch that is on a white surface
Tatting Fool
He's beautiful. And I got the pattern for free at the linked website!
an image of the back side of a pattern
Anna G. Vecherskaya - Tatting
sample tatting pattern pg. 19 Vecherskaya Russian tatting book
a purple brooch sitting on top of a wooden table next to pineconis
Rosalie FREE Pattern
Beaded Tatting: FREE Pattern
the back side of a large sheet of paper
butterfly pattern
an old newspaper page with lines on it
# 24 copos de nieve en tatting # 24 种 copos tat. (Figura sólo hizo una buena sensación de frescura = .. =
an image of a snowflake made out of beads
Tatted Snowflake Pattern
Snowflake tatting pattern
an ornament hanging from a christmas tree in the shape of a snowflake
craft lessons: lace fan! tatting tutorial - crafts ideas - crafts for kids
a white snowflake is shown on the ground
Tatted Snowflake Patterns | Browse Patterns
an orange beaded brooch sitting on top of a green leaf
The Piney Woods Tatter
Tatting is such a pretty technique! I would love to try it sometime :) Lots of beautiful interlocking tatting patterns on this site.
an image of a brooch that is being made