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three different views of an open air swimming pool in the middle of some desert land
Eccentric Establishment! - Yanko Design
Crazy on the outside, yet classy on the inside, the Solo House project by TNA Architects for Matarrana, Spain. The inverted pyramid shaped house one of 12 such projects by French Developer Christian Bourdais who aims at capturing where the cutting edge of architecture stands at the beginning of the 21st century. The gravity defying structure stands out starkly against the otherwise downward sloping mountainous landscape.
a wooden chair sitting on top of a cement floor next to a white wall,
Tatiane Freitas - Dear Bed, My New Old Chair III, My Old New Chair
an apartment building with many windows and plants on the roof
General view of Omotesando Branches (表参道ブランチーズ).
General view of Omotesando Branches (表参道ブランチーズ). | by christinayan01
the walkway is lined with wooden balconies
Agence Vivien Gimenez Architecture
Tree house style freestanding balconies. Nice idea and interesting spaces by Viviene Gimenez Architecture
the inside of an airport with people walking and cars on the street in front of it
Kuningan City - DP Architects | Коммерческая архитектура, Органическая архитектура, Дизайн экстерьера
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