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Amy Cuddy - Your body language shapes who you are Palestra retirada do TED - Ideas Worth Spreading

Cum Putem Opri sa Absorbim Emotiile Altor Oameni | Secretele

Are you a sensitive person? You are maybe one of those persons who easily pick up other people’s energy. You enter into a room and you can feel the energy of the room. Emotions such as

Cum poti dizolva emotiile negative – Doua tehnici orientale eficiente! ‹ Dezvoltare personala si spiritualitate!

109 - Rainbow Ripples Mandala This week’s MotD theme: Water Romanian photographer, Sergiu Bacioiu, shot this beautiful, perfectly timed photo of water drops and related ripples.

10 Moduri de Tranzitie de la o Gandire Negativa la o Gandire Pozitiva | Secretele

10 Ways To Transition From A Negative To A Positive Thinker Negative thoughts can become a vice on our lives and affect the way in which we experience life’s events.

Programul de 28 de zile care te poate ajuta sa-ti schimbi viata – Accepta provocarea! ‹ Dezvoltare personala si spiritualitate!

Morning Fitness Motivation Photos) People who are motivated by achievement desire to improve skills and prove their competency to themselves and others. It can be an internal desire to .

19 Afirmatii pozitive care iti aduc aminte cat de important esti | Secretele

A study of cardiac arrest patients indicates 46 percent had memories of the time during which they were clinically dead, while two percent could explicitly recall seeing and hearing events in that time.

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„Formula magică”

When you hug and touch each other it brings healing power to your mind and your body. We were made to love. Go hug your man!

Cum poti folosi avocado pentru a reintineri pielea | Secretele

Honey Avocado Face Mask // Natural Beauty Series is a moisturizing and exfoliating face mask made with all natural ingredients from the kitchen.


Tehnica angelica pentru taierea corzilor energetice

cut etheric cords - we were discussing this at a workshop a week ago. An important aspect of cord cutting is releasing it with love, for releasing it with any negative emotion will only cause more disharmony.

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