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Backyard Bee Keeping: 3 Types of Bees in a Colony

Did you know there are up to bees living and working in every bee hive? That is a lot of honey! Learn how you can become a backyard beekeeper and reap the benefits of having these friends buzzing around.


Always put something in the water of birdbath etc for the bees to get out. A "bee waterer" (consisting of glass marbles in a water basin) allows bees to drink and collect water without fear of drowning.

Water For Bees Without the Drowning: Set up a shallow pan filled with marbles, then add water. Bees can land to get a drink of water without risk of getting drowned. This can also be useful to divert bees from neighbors' birdbaths and swimming pools if set up closer to the hives and in the main flight path.

Bees need very shallow water to drink from. To help hydrate our little pollinators, set up a bee bath by filling a pie pan with marbles and then water. The marbles give the bees a spot to land so that they don’t drown when they come to drink.