More ideas from Laura
Coloring page- explaining Child Life role

Adventures in Child Life Tumbler account, including many resources and encouragement in the area of Child Life. Includes link to Child Life NPR.

Medical art

This tool is a Medical art/game. It is known as a Tongue depressor, yarn, medicine cup and a cotton ball to make it a fun game for tools! Great for patient's coordination and a fun way to familiarize the patient with common medical tools.

grief activity

Grief activity for kids Creating a memory lantern they can light in honor of their loved one. This can be individualized and the child can decorate the lantern in things/colors that remind them of their loved one who died.

Therapeutic Jenga

Misconceptions - communication on a child's level. ((Connecting with Compassion: Confessions of two Child Life Specialists: Therapeutic Jenga perfect for getting kiddos to open up and clear up misconceptions))

Hospital related apps

A list of apps to use for distraction that are also educational and calming, specifically separated into medical apps, transplant apps, and oncology apps

Perfect activities for clinic and hospital waiting rooms!

10 Grab & Go Activities - simple, inexpensive, and fun activities for children that can be pre-assembled and given out by child life staff or volunteers. Perfect for clinic and hospital waiting rooms!