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Фотографии на стене сообщества – 55 059 фотографий
The Art Reference Blog | batwynn: Someone asked how I do the glowy thing,...
Story of the Stratocaster
Drums Daily™ (@drumsdaily) on Instagram: “Something all drummers need | The Frank Ippolito Drum set By PatentPrints | #drumsdaily”
With his freckles, dark hair, high cheekbones and bright eyes, Hadrian's popular with both the girls and boys.
Here’s your latest chance to enter this month’s Robby Krieger contest to win a print set of The Doors guitarist’s instrument - signed by Robby and Lisa S Johnson! Answer the following question correctly and we’ll draw the winner at the end of the month! The Doors were the house band for the famous LA club, Whiskey A-Go-Go, in 1966 but were fired when they performed an explicit version of which song? A.) “Soul Kitchen” B.) “End of the Night” C.) “Twentieth Century Fox” D.) “Back Door Man” E.)…
This is a print of the patent drawing for a Fender guitar patent in 1954. The original patent has been cleaned up and enhanced to create an
Guitar Shapes - good idea for connecting music/art activity (please don't do in music class - let the art teacher instruct it)
Hands - Sometimes they can be really difficult to get right. When in doubt, take a photo of your own hand/s with your phone & use that as a reference too.