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What Does Your Tongue Say About You?
Emotional Connection Points in the Physical Body
Jenn Olson {so vibrant, so many hair strands to journal on.. OR, oh so pretty as is for an art piece. ~ Belle}
Drawing Curves in Perspective, this would also is useful when applied to how you frame your shots in landscape photography
Project: DIY draped vest made from a pashmina shawl Modern Colors Two: The Best of Pinterest: cheap and easy DIY fashion projects #DIYfashion #BudgetFashion
About these Recycled Sweater Coats - Click Image to Close
NEED!!  This is a pattern to make your own coat.  Katwise also sells finished coats, but I plan to go all DIY on this one.
One of a Kind Patchwork Coat from EnlightenedPlatypus on Etsy.  Fairy coat.
Recycled Sweater Coat in Berry Charcoal & Zig Zag by ipseity, $578.00
Victorian Full Length Hoodie Size Large in Black and Browns, recycled, up-cycled sweatshirt Coat.